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With technology growing by leaps and bounds and all sorts of portable music equipment emerging in the past decade or so, there is a lot of choice for an average user to choose from a series of mp3 players and related portable music players. Generally, portable players are divided into three classes- Hard drive players, micro hard drive players and players working on flash storage devices.

While the players based on hard drive technology offer the maximum in terms of storage space, they are bulkier and are also heavier to carry in comparison to their counterparts using other methods of memory storage. Sony NW-HD5 and some models of the Apple i-pod are examples of such music players. Players using micro hard drives to store data are smaller in size, more portable, lighter and have a lower storage capacity. The Apple i-pod mini is a prime example of such mp3 players. Players based on flash memory are probably the most popular ones amongst the companies as well as the end customers. They are light, more resistant to wear and tear and can store a good amount of data on them. Apple iPod Nano is the prime example of an immensely popular flash memory based player.

While buying one of these portable music devices, there are a few things that you should take care of- first, you should be clear about your requirements and needs (in terms of storage capacity needed and the weight you can carry), the display screen and the need of it and the battery life. Usually, larger is the capacity needed, higher is the cost of the mp3 player. Similarly, for smaller size and higher battery life, you will have to shell out more money. There are always some trade offs that you would be required to make in terms of battery standby, storage capacity, screen size and the money you intend to pay at the end of the deal.

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All About MP3 Media Players

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This article was published on 2010/04/01