CD Players for Kids: A Review of the Disney Cars Boombox

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There is no doubt that when choosing CD players for kids, boomboxes that feature well known characters from movies or TV are bound to feature highly on your child's wish list. With this in mind the Disney Cars CD Boombox will be a hit for many children, especially given the success and popularity of the Cars franchise.

This model is made in the distinctive shape of Lightning McQueen and is bright red with all the markings associated with this character. It has a CD player which loads via the hood and the easy to use controls are on the back. It also has an AM/FM radio and has a telescopic antenna. The radio is analog which tunes to radio stations by means of a dial. Alternatively, if you have an MP3 player there is an input to play your device via the boombox.

In this model, Lightning McQueen's rear tires are actually the speakers. The position of the tires can be adjusted according to your preference.

The power source for this Cars Boombox is six "C" batteries (which are not supplied) or you can power it from plugging it into the wall if you prefer. The AC connector is supplied.

Being as this is modelled on Disney Pixar's Lightning McQueen it will inevitably appear to children of a range of ages. However, the manufacturer's recommended age is 10 years and over. The reason for this is that it does have some small and fiddly parts which could be rather easily broken by smaller and less careful fingers. This is clearly something that needs to be borne in mind when thinking who this is aimed at. You could buy it for a younger child of course, but it should be used under adult supervision, both to ensure the safety of your child and to ensure that the boombox remains intact and functional.

Given as this is a CD player aimed at children and priced somewhat lower than higher quality audio systems, it is inevitable that the quality of sound is not as high. However, it is adequate for a child's player, and actually surprisingly good considering the price.

The Disney Cars CD Boombox is well made and the brightly colored and instantly recognizable shape of Lightning McQueen make it a very popular item which children of all ages. The fact that it looks good in a children's bedroom certainly adds to its appeal.
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CD Players for Kids: A Review of the Disney Cars Boombox

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This article was published on 2011/08/25