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FLAC Player or Free Lossless Audio Codec is an audio format through which one can listen to audio files. It is identical to MP3, but it is lossless; which means that the audio is packed in FLAC but has no loss in quality. The working is similar to ZIP, but one can be guaranteed a better sound quality. FLAC files can be played in one's player similar to an MP3 file. The reason why this format stands out is because, in the world of lossless audio codec, its the best. It also has an open source reference usage and a decently documented format.

There are various features to FLAC player which make it one of the most sought after formats. Some of them are listed as follows:

1)FLAC is not very regular in favor of decode speed. Decoding is mostly required by integer arithmetic and is not too computer intense.
2)The encoding of audio data usually does not incur the loss of knowledge and the decoding audio is completely identical to the data that enters the encoder. The integrity of the audio data is further insured by putting the MD5 signature in the file header.
3)It has an amazing framing which limit the damage by stream errors, which limit it to the frame in which the error occured. It is usually a small fraction of a second worth of data.
4)It supports fast sample precise seeking. This helps in playback and helps in editing applications

There are certain steps that are used in playing these players. The materials or equipment that one may need is a computer, web browser, multimedia player and the internet connection. Those steps are listed as below:

1)The most commonly used players to play these files are a Mac OS, Microsoft Windows Operating System or Linux. The VLC player needs to be downloaded for this purpose. And the correct version of the player too.
2)After the download has been completed, one needs to double-click on the installation and the prompts are followed. Next, the audio file can be opened by choosing the option of 'Media' and clicking on the 'Open File' option.
3)The Foobar application which can be used as an alternative and directly supports the playback of the files. The Foobar application allows the player to convert nd save the file in another format.
4)For people inclined towards Microsoft Media Player Classic, the playback of this file is made possible with plug-ins module download that interpret the tags of the format.
5)One can finish the download by checking on the accept agreement and click on the 'Next' button. The player is then easily read by the Media Player Classic.
6)The filter module will allow MWMP to play back the file.
7)After downloading the plug ins, they need to be configured to the WMP to utilize the plugs.

Well, majority of the download is complete. Now all one needs to do is set back and enjoy as the music flows. FLAC Player is a great addition to any computer for a great listening experience!
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Check Out The Flac Player

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This article was published on 2011/01/17