Dream Team Makeover Via Nifty Football Transfers

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In a quest to compose the dream team, club owners and team coaches crack their heads for a list of potential players to play for their side. Football transfers are considered a norm in the sport as players change allegiance as though jerseys after a game. Often times, money speaks loudest as it involves unimaginable amounts to secure the best striker, defense, captain or goalkeeper to the clubs fold. To ensure no hanky-panky in the dealings, players supposedly can be transferred within a specific period. A governing body performs the watchdog role to ensure rules put in place are adhered to. In the event someone does not toe the line, adequate action is taken to penalize rule breakers.

Reasons for football transfers span across various motives and rationale. In the obvious sense, clubs doing well need to ensure every player is on the ball, pun intended. Any situation hinting a possible weak link is immediately rectified as non performance easily causes the team to fall below the yellow line. Quicker than the player can pack his bags and call a cab, his fate is sealed by the infamous two words courtesy of a hit reality show for dream jobs.

Whilst moving down the food chain seems inevitable for weaker players, some treat this exercise as an opportunity to climb the sporting ladder. It works to ones favor to join a more prestigious club as it propels ones value within the sporting industry. The club also earns bragging rights with the best of competency and compatibility to take on any opposing team.

Although it sounds ideal for clubs to utilize football transfers to their advantage, the watchdog also dishes out punishments in the form of transfer bans. Players are also required to undergo medical examinations to ascertain true fitness levels. Anything out of place is bound to send a ripple effect on the process or value.
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Dream Team Makeover Via Nifty Football Transfers

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This article was published on 2011/02/16