Incursion: News From New Eden

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EVE Online is a MMORPG with a focus on combat and economy in a far off universe of a distant future. The special feature of EVE Online over traditional MMORPGs is that there is no game servers are different, but only a single one. Thus, all the players cavort around the world simultaneously in the same galaxy.

This fact is also the reason why eve isk without much PvE content that manages itself because the economy is determined almost entirely by players. These groups come together to build farms raw materials, and trade their products with each other. The emphasis on role-playing portion is particular attention to the learning of skills that enable, for example, equipping with better weapons, scanners and other accessories.

After we enjoy the new cinematic trailer came Incursion So we Huni said: "The name says it all." Incursion Incursion means, and that you get in the trailer to be seen promptly. The new pirate faction called Sansha's Nation pervades the universe in New Eden and its vengeful Captain in the fight sent from. After long time not that many PvE content has been entered, should we want to deliver more fuel again.

It then runs roughly like this: The Pirates Group occupies specific systems, what the players are informed. Huni explained the procedure as "PvE raids, but I would not call them raids. This gives a false impression. "Because there will be no special loot when defeating the aggressors, but a few loyalty points in the space police CONCORD. Rather kindled a kind of scavenger hunt, will grow at the concentrations up to 40 players to end the pirate mother ship to defeat in a grand battle. Then being rewarded as blueprints for ships of the pirates.

The new character generator offers a variety of settings.
Another major innovation was the Incarna-Character-Creator, the 18th since January is installed. The old unit can now faces in many details to be individualized. So alone has the face of 20 special points that can be adapted freely by - or legs, stomach and buttocks, if you like. Also the changing of the body is now possible, which is related with the fact that in the near future should be possible to walk to various space stations and ships to control the character. Huni, there are also "will probably never be a Mass Effect 2, but for our universe is bigger. The" There are also four so-called Mood-Pictures, which itself can choose the player to certain emotions to present at different portraits.

The EVE gate is reminiscent of Facebook. The portal allows EVE-Online players outside of the game with their friends to stay in touch to receive e-mails and access their account information. The forums were merged and are now granting a better view. In addition, EVE Voice has been installed, a kind of Teamspeak. This is currently still in the testing phase.

Now the planets are more involved in the economy.
The Planetary Interaction "opens the door to players to build on various planetary bases, which either promote or process raw materials. For example,
eve isk offer more opportunities for industry and it drives the economy. On a planet, players will then have to fight for limited space, since all the spots do not have the same value.

Player with two monitors will enjoy the future, as now is to adjust the camera better. in a split-screen before the starship was in the middle, the position will now be adjusted independently.
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Incursion: News From New Eden

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This article was published on 2011/02/14