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The long-standing stereotype that professional football players are all with well-developed limbs but the head of a moron couldnt further enough from the truth. Football is all about strategy and problem solving which requires the high intelligence of the players. Smart is a crucial factor to determine the victory of the NFL game. As the NFL attaches more importance to the intelligence, the Wonderlic Test is created to measure the prospective youth players intellectual ability.

For some the test is a breeze, but for others it is a dreaded nightmare. The test itself is fifty multiple choice questions that get more difficult as the test progresses. The questions require test takers to use basic algebra, geometry, logic and linguistic skills, and although the exam is only twelve minutes long it can feel like an eternity for some.

The NFL knows the exam isnt for everyone, but it serves an important function: it allows teams to assess a prospective players problem solving skills on paper, which can give insight into their problem solving skills on the field. Wondrlic test is particularly designed to force the players to make quick decision which is extremely needed in football.

The Wonderlic score of a player is useful but not the only decisive factor. Even though the Wonderlic test is administered to every prospective NFL draftee, it is not the be-all end-all decision maker for teams. NFL teams use it as an aptitude predictor rather than a qualifier. The team will consider seriously before deciding whether the player is entitled to wear of the team. NFL players generally want to shoot for an average to slightly above average score.

The future achievement of athletes depends not only on the score. In the past, players with nearly perfect Wonderlic results have slid down in the draft because its believed their extremely high intelligence could make them harder to coach. Although scores of the Wonderlic are not publically available, some of the greatest players in the game have received some pretty dismal scores.

A list of average scores for various positions on the field was compiled by the Sports Illustrated. Surprisingly, offensive tackles average the highest at 26, then centers at 25. Although quarter backs average around 24, it is widely believed that a QB needs at least a score of 21 to effectively lead a team. Receivers, backs and safeties all average in the high teens, with halfbacks averaging the lowest of the low at 16.

For all would be draftees, the NFL would not deprive your dream of wearing the nfl jerseys Cheap to fight in the sport field just because the relatively low Wonderlic score. The NFL just takes advantage of the test to know the intellectual caliber of their players and establish a baseline of intelligence.

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Intelligence Exam For Nfl Players

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This article was published on 2010/11/13