Is He a Player? Signs to Watch For

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So many different types of men out there; is he a player? Are you tired of wasting your time and efforts only to find that you are working all alone in a relationship? Would you like to know the signs to watch for to avoid being the victim of a player? Although it can be quite difficult to read a man in the beginning, a good rule of thumb is to follow your instincts. If your inclination leads you to believe that a guy isn't completely truthful, pay attention. Now, read on for a few clues that can help you decipher if that new guy is a player.

There are three definite signs of whether a guy is a keeper or a player:

1.) Can you easily contact him?
2.) Do his words coincide with his actions?
3.) Does he keep his word?

Now let's get into what each of these ideas can tell you about a guy. In this day of cell phones and instant communication, it is not very difficult to reach anyone. Are your phone calls to him answered promptly or not at all? A player will be screening calls, probably from other women. You will find that close to 100 % of your phone conversations will be the result of him returning your phone call. Take note also if he receives quite a few calls or texts while you are together, especially if he doesn't answer. There's a very good chance that these are from other women and he certainly cannot let you be aware.

It's a good idea once again to listen to your instincts when paying attention to what he says. Studies have shown that people have certain little "tells" that give away when someone is lying, such as bringing your hand to your face, scratching your nose, placing your hands in your pockets, etc. All denote a sort of discomfort that aligns with someone who is not telling the truth. If you see these quirks when he professes his undying devotion to you, take heed. His words are not expressing his true feelings. Also, be aware of his follow-through if he continues to give you these wonderful, loving promises of never-ending love; yet, he seems to become increasingly unavailable. Chances are he is a player.

So, let's look on the bright side. How can you interpret these signs to recognize a keeper? He will be the guy who tells you those loving thoughts and it seems to come directly from the heart. He will answer your phone call nine times out of ten and will sound undeniably excited to hear your voice. And, he will stay true to his word. No matter what he may promise, he will come through for you. This is the guy you want; he is truly not a player.

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Is He a Player? Signs to Watch For

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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