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He won nine major championships, in ancient times in all of the golf pro; he is No.4 in the world, tied with the Hogan. Do you know who is it? In this article, I would like to talk something about Gary Player. If you want to know much more information or jokes, you may read this funny article or visit this funny website - wholesale Christmas Decorations.

It is not an era of a rival! Gary Player was fighting against the "Golden Bear" Jack Nicklaus - the fear of the opponents of all players. But he still won the only Grand Slam title four of the five players in history; and he won five World Match Play champion, his professional title to from five continents, the total number of more than 160, which is finally in an impressive number of it, and he was the only one in the National Open, shot 59 on the player, place in Brazil.

A golfer made such a brilliant history, but there are lots of people did not know him. Gary Player's excellent record and the impact of modern golf is that people take for granted, for which very few people expressed surprise and admiration. Now, Gary Player may take his liking golf irons to play golf with his friends.

Masters in 2008, the little South African golfer - Gary Player broke Jack Nicklaus create a record entry of 50 games, which have to let people remember the past half century, he's in the golf world pioneering role.

Even 72-year-old Gary Player has been restless, he is still active on the Seniors Tour, as if embarking on a never-ending highway, move forward with Mercedes-Benz. Of course, people ignore the evaluation of another important reason is Tiger Woods, who is currently chasing Nicklaus creation record of 18 Grand Slam victories. Player said Americans of national narrow the number of affected people is also his concern.

Gary Player

He also set another example - to hire occupational therapists - which until recent years that attention by players. Gradually focus on physical training in the golf world; he openly hired early exclusive "positive thinking coach." If you want to know much more information, you may read my other articles in my blog - Golf with My Life on Pickgf.com. Thank you for reading my article!

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Legendary Golfer Gary Player

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This article was published on 2010/12/02