Portable Car DVD Players - 3 Buying Tips

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If you are looking for 3 amazing tips on how to choose and setup a portable DVD player for your car then you will want to read this article. After reading this article you will know where to correctly place your DVD player for safety and enjoyment and what to look for in a portable player.

Where NOT to put your car DVD player

Don't fall for the temptation of installing your DVD player in your front seat area. I don't recommend it at all. Why? If you are like me at all, when you get caught in traffic you will be tempted to switch on the player and start watching the latest movie - I've done that! What you'll find is that this distraction will cause you to lose track of your driving... and the other drivers will start honking. Usually they give you about 2 seconds of grace before the honking starts. I also find that reaching for the controls moves my eyes away from the road. This is also not a good thing. So, if you want to avoid accidents look at installing the player in the back seat.

How to keep your kids happy

The backseat of your car is the best place for the player. Usually the DVD player has the straps designed to fit over the headrest of the seat in front of it. Besides your kids will thank you. When I first installed my portable player in the backseat I would have to keep checking to make sure my two kids were still alive. They were so quiet! They were so occupied by their movies that they didn't have time to argue or fight like they usually did. No fights meant I could have peace and quiet.

How to choose the best portable player

When I got my player I looked for several key things before making my purchase. Because the player is going to be in the car exposed to bright sunlight, I looked for the brightest screen I could find. It truly made a difference for viewing pleasure.

One of the reasons I chose a portable was to on occasion take it to my cottage or bring it into the house to watch a movie when I was stretched out on my deck. So, I chose one that could be removed easily from the backseat. I did not want any complicated straps that would take forever to reposition. I also looked for a minimum of wires. I didn't want my kids ripping wires out of the dash as they got out of the car.

So, if you follow these tips you will enjoy years of movie viewing on the road. Locate the ideal place to install the player in your car and choose the player with the best features for you.

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Portable Car DVD Players - 3 Buying Tips

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This article was published on 2010/04/02